Problem Multiple failed ad campaigns have positioned Kimono in an high-end market area, leading to a drop in sales and as a result, endangering not only the market but the craft. As a result, The Japan National Tourism Organization wants to re-position both the Kimono’s international and local market to show it’s potential.

Solution This time we don't go grand. We’re keeping it simple by asking Uniqlo, Muji, Target, and Macy’s- appropriately priced and fashionable retailers, to educate them.

Photography: Priscilla McGann | Kimono: Modern Antenna, Globus Washitsu Gallery

Promotional Store Booklets Interior Spreads

Print posters

Store-specific covers

Typeface Adaptation- Discreet Roman to Hiragana

Informative Brochure

Visitors can take the kimono-shaped pamphlets placed near the displays or go to the website for more information.

Interior Spreads