Problem Much of Gen Z and young Millennials are unaware of what IBM Watson is.

Solution Use the most popular media of today to demo Watson in an engaging, memorable, and relevant way.

Effies Semi-Finalist

Art Director & Creative Technologist: Priscilla McGann | Art Director: Gina Abbatiello | UI Designer: Karen Wong | Copywriter: Jennifer Kellow

DemoGoes to PAX East to fight 4 all-Stars, along with being in the exhibit, this will be streaming on Twitch and Youtube.

Vs Markiplier on Five Nights at Freddy's

Alongside JackSepticEye on Undertale

Vs Scarra on League of Legends

Vs Geguri Seyeon Kim on Overwatch

Shoutcasted by youtuber MatPat and streamed Youtube, Twitch, and Watson's website.

Direct Traffic to IBM On Watson's website, users will be able to see a breakdown of Watson's decision-making

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